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Panther v1.0 Webinar & Demo
We're excited to announce the release of Panther v1.0, an open source, enterprise-ready detection and response platform for modern security teams.

With Panther, you can identify threats with log data using Python, view helpful cloud infrastructure context, and easily answer critical security questions.

Join this free on demand webinar to:

● Learn how to get started with Panther as your cloud-native SIEM

● Explore use cases such as detecting threats with Log Analysis, improving Cloud Security Posture, and performing investigations

● View a demo of Panther v1.0
Jack is a cloud security expert with 8+ years experience at large consumer-facing companies like Airbnb and Yahoo. In addition to his role as CEO at Panther, Jack was the co-creator and core developer of StreamAlert, an open source data analysis framework widely adopted by the security community.
Jack Naglieri
Founder & CEO
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