Cloud Security 101
Securing Your Cloud with Panther
As we collectively practice social distancing and shift to work-from-home, cloud infrastructure is under more strain than ever. 

In this crisis, secure cloud architectures are essential not only for large enterprises and governments, but for municipalities, small businesses, and educational institutions alike. 

Join this on demand webinar to:

● Learn how to configure Panther for real-time continuous monitoring of your AWS cloud infrastructure

● Explore how Panther enables quick and automatic remediation of misconfigured resources

● Discover pre-built Panther policies that can immediately improve organizational cloud security posture

● Understand how to write and test custom policies to meet the unique security requirements of your business

What: Cloud Security 101 
Duration: 15 minutes 
Jack is a cloud security expert with 8+ years experience leading detection and response initiatives at large consumer-facing companies. In addition to his role as CEO at Panther, Jack co-created and was the core developer of StreamAlert, an open source data analysis framework widely adopted by the security community.
Jack Naglieri
Founder & CEO
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